APS job family model

The APS Job Family Model groups functionally similar positions that have related skills, tasks and knowledge blocks. It does not reflect work level. The APS Employee Census uses the highest hierarchy of “job family” as follows:

Accounting and finance (e.g. accounting, accounts receivable/payable, budgets, travel, procurement and contracting, grants management)

Administration (e.g. administrative support, secretariat, facilities and property)

Communications and marketing (e.g. campaign and marketing, graphic design, change management, event organisation, public relations, stakeholder management, editing, writing, speech writing)

Compliance and regulation (e.g. enforcement, quarantine, inspection, investigation, regulation and compliance, detention assessment)

Engineering and technical (e.g. engineering, education, training and assessment, draftsperson/technical, patents examiner, land and asset management)

Human resources (e.g. industrial relations, learning and development, recruitment, payroll, workforce planning and reporting, occupational health and safety, organisational design)

Information and communications technology (e.g. networks and telecommunications, testing, helpdesk/support, databases, development and programming, systems analysis and design, systems administration, systems integration and deployment, web and multimedia content development)

Information and knowledge management (e.g. archivist, curator, librarian, records management)

Intelligence (e.g. collection and analysis, production and dissemination, national security advice, personnel security)

Legal and parliamentary (e.g. lawyer, legal adviser, court officer, freedom of information, ministerial and parliamentary liaison, legislation drafting and advice)

Monitoring and audit (e.g. internal/external auditor, risk management, fraud control)

Organisation leadership (e.g. board member, chief executive or managing director, statutory office holder, corporate and business planning, generalist management)

Project and programme (e.g. evaluation, programme management, project management)

Research (e.g. numerical analysis, economist, actuary, data analysis)

Science and health (e.g. agriculture/forestry science, chemist, environmental science, life sciences, health and allied health professionals, health and welfare support)

Service delivery (e.g. customer advice and support, gallery, museum and tour guides, hospitality, program delivery, visa processing)

Strategic policy (e.g. strategic policy, policy development, policy advice)

Trades and labour (e.g. vehicles and equipment maintenance/operation, transport and logistics, horticulture, gardening, labourer, trades)

For more information on the APS job family model, please visit the APSC website.