This website provides the evidence base for the Australian Public Service Commissioner’s annual report to Parliament on the state of the Australian Public Service (APS). It looks at information on how the capability and capacity of the APS has contributed to meeting strategic goals and addressing the Government’s priorities.

We publish our Research and Analysis and it contains articles (posts) on workforce trends and current topics of interest about the APS. This information comes from the APS Employment Database (APSED), APS employee census and State of the Service agency survey, among other sources.

Analysis for the 2015-16 APS Employee Census will commence mid-August 2016.

Posts have been categorised to support the eight themes chosen for the State of the Service Report 2015–16:

  • The APS at a glance posts
  • The APS employment framework posts
  • An engaged and high performing workforce posts
  • Workplace relations posts
  • Diversity posts
  • Human resources management posts
  • Performance management posts
  • Talent management posts

You can read articles relating to these categories specifically or browse all posts on our Research and Analysis page.

We encourage you to offer your thoughts on our posts, by commenting on posts and sharing posts via social media or email.  Please review our privacy and moderation policy on our Terms and conditions page before commenting.

The team that  administers this webpage is State of the Service team in the Workforce Information Group of the Australian Public Service Commission. The Workforce Information Group leads the Commission’s research and evaluation functions and is responsible for managing the preparation of the Australian Public Service Commissioner’s annual report to Parliament on the State of the Service.  The Group also supports service-wide research projects; maintains the Australian Public Service Employment Database (APSED), conducts the annual APS employee census and State of the Service agency survey, and supports public sector development across the Asia/Pacific region.

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