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Citizens’ view of the APS

In terms of citizen satisfaction with government, Australia performs as well or better than the Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) average on each of the following measures.

Figure 1.

Interactive Chart: Australian vs OECD citizen satisfaction with government

Figure 1. is an infographic showing Australian citizen satisfaction with their government compared to the satisfaction with government of citizens from other OECD countries. 80% of Australians were satisfied with the health care system compared to 71% of citizens from other OECD countries. 67% of Australians and citizens from other OECD countries were satisfied with the education system. 60% of Australians were satisfied with the judicial system compared to 54% of citizens in other OECD countries. 45% of Australians were satisfied with national government compared to 42% of citizens from other OECD countries

Find out more about OECD Government at a Glance 2015 in the country fact sheet for Australia.

The historical contribution of the APS to Australia’s development is something of renown. It has performed well. Looking ahead, there are new challenges and opportunities for Australia. The APS must continue to ensure it has the capabilities and capacities to respond to them in the most efficient and effective ways.

The challenges include issues such as tightening labour markets, an ageing population, fast-paced technological change, globalisation and the need for productivity improvements to balance the budget in the longer term.

The State of the Service report canvasses the activities and HR management practices of the APS during the 2014–15 financial year. It also charts the anticipated priorities for the service as it looks ahead.

The State of the Service reports over the years have chronicled major reforms to the APS, including in the areas of the financial framework, employment and personnel management, service delivery and program implementation. Findings from the reports have helped the APS to identify capability gaps and take informed decisions about filling them. This year’s report focuses on enhancing APS workforce capability and modernising the APS employment framework. Both are critical to improving public sector performance and promoting integrity.

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Read the State of the Service Report 2014–15 on the APSC website.